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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 25, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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about the showdown over the tax rate. go to greta there is an open thread. good night from washington. greta we'll see you there. gray? this could explain our position on service. >> hello, i'm eric boling along with kimberly guilfoyle bob beckel, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." i'm worried about president obama. he used to be so focused and clear but lately he sounds confused. here he is just a few weeks ago. >> the private sector's doing fine. >> doing fine. this economy, sir, come on. a few days ago even more detached from reality. >> if you've got a business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> that was probably just a hangover from a long campaign
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road trip but then he said this. >> just like we've tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [ cheers and applause ] that's the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> worked? it worked? you're sounding crazy and stuff. president obama says his economy is working. what is he smoking. >> sometimes term limits don't come quick enough. he's in big trouble because everybody's on damage control. he sent out the troops to the sunday talk shows. they care, they know it's resonating and damaging to him. escape able of -- he's a public speaker able to connect with people, but that he would say something like this doesn't make sense, especially if you want to stay in the white house. >> want to jump in? >> sure.
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this -- what's the phrase? he didn't build this. this doesn't stop giving. i don't think there's been a statement someone regrets more than katie holmes saying i do. he accidentally did what romney has been trying to do for so long but failed, which is frame the election. with one spontaneous sentence he revealed what's behind the curtain. >> that's one spontaneous sentence selectively edited. >> we've gone over that. >> you don't do the whole sentence. roads and bridges, you didn't do that. >> if it didn't bother the campaign why did they respond and -- bob, not just respond by sending surrogates, responding with the man himself. the president has been on the defensive. they cut ads about it and -- >> because it was -- because these lies were biting and you're right, he had to -- by the way, being in such big
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trouble. >> to. what lies? >> why is he ahead? >> i think he's in trouble. why do they have everybody out there marbling the resources. >> because it was biting. you selectively edit things like that. >> bob, your own words, you just said -- say it again. you didn't build that. >> he said before that, roads and bridges. >> that, roads and bridges. >> you did not build that. >> not in english it doesn't. >> do you want to go there? go ahead. >> the debate depended on two words. we've done president obama no favors by giving context. the more context you give him,let worse it is because in the overarching philosophy he has he believes government is more important -- >> he said it yesterday. >> i said it weeks ago and a year ago on this show. i said it will always be about the individual versus the
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government. >> obama had a moment of actual dishonesty. he tried to explain it and said what i said was, we need to stand behind them, meaning businesses. actually, he never said that. he's spinning his wheels. david axlerod said this morning we're not worried. if they're spending this much money, when you're flaming, you're -- explaining, you're losing. >> i want you to respond to this. governor sununu last night. >> the problem is the president actually believes that garbage and that's what is wrong with this administration. this president, his administration and campaign is delusional. they're out there trying to convince first of all themselves that things are okay then convince the constituents. einstein had a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
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that in my opinion is a definition of incompetence. >> let me make it clear about john sununu was that was garbage. he's a hatchet man, we know that. >> he quoted einstein. >> einstein took it from bill wilson. the fact is sununu is known as a hatchet man. i want to come back to the point, in one targeted state after another and nationwide, obama is beating romney and for one reason, romney's positives are 35, negatives in the 40's, he's a lousy candidate. >> the dems have been spending a lot of money tearing romney down. >> and they have not torn obama down? >> i will give you one thing. we talked about this, obama has the like ability 2-1 and the issue is at the end of the day, do voters want a likeable
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president or someone who can handle the economy? that's the question. mitt romney leads in every poll on the economy. republicans have the enthusiasm and another thing, the dems are using their burn rate, spending a lot of money on turnout. >> your point about mitt romney being competent on the economy is so far out of whack. he's a hedge funds operator who didn't -- >> oh my god. >> and tax havens for people who didn't want to pay taxes. >> so he's never done anything. >> no. >> he saved jobs, created jobs. >> shipped jobs to china and mexico. >> if he says that enough, people will believe it. >> mitt romney has a resumé with considerable experience and he's definitely crushing it against obama in terms of the committee. the only -- economy. the only thing obama is doing better on is foreign possible.
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>> his resumé is bain capital. anything else? >> you've turned the segment around to suit your needs. this segment was is president obama losing it? if he thinks the economy is working. >> why should we run every segment about obama losing? what about romney losing? why, we're outnumbered. >> we're trying to figure out why the flub has more staying power than a tattoo on viagra. it's not going well. he's not denying the american dream. he's trying to grasp the american dream on to a european model. it's equal to the island of doctor morrow, a hybrid monster that needs to be put to sleep. >> are you talking about the bulls game? >> romney has -- >> let me respond. >> why are you against ken dolls. >> the reason the polls are high is president obama is popular.
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the good-looking, well-liked guy in the office who is incompetent. the ken doll is a businessman. >> how do you know he's kemp competent. >> he's got a already record. >> of what? >> you can keep yelling that but it doesn't speak to the whole -- >> not one of us at the table could get an interview at bain capital. he's a prodigy. >> he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. >> he made his own money. >> he inherited it from his daddy. >> bob turns back to romney. kimberly yesterday bob mentioned something on the heels of -- >> i'm outnumbered. if you can't take this stress, get out of the park. >> it's not your fault, it's the government's fault. bob says look at henry ford, successful because of the roads the government built. we did our homework. 1908 henry ford released or
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brought out the model t. it wasn't until 1917 the federal aid roads act was signed by then there were 1.5 million fords on the road. by 1925, 25% of the roads were complete. >> it's -- was the reason -- listen. ford was the reason for roads, not because of roads. >> he said if he didn't have interstate highway systems there was not way to mass produce cars. they mass-produced 400 million cars since then. >> here's where the campaign -- >> and 12 million prior to the roads act. >> no after. >> no, prior to the roads act. >> here's why the campaign is cocky. he said spread the wealth around which was you didn't build that was the equivalent and he still got elected. we can argue and bob can deflect but mitt romney has a real job to do. >> and he's not competent to do it.
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>> obama has been obama and his topdown means government top down. that was the message in 2008 and he got elected. we have to kick up our game. >> explain why it is -- because you like romney. why is it his negatives are -- potts or 35 and negatives -- >> because he's painted at boring. >> they've been crushing him. >> there you go. >> so what are obama's negatives and positives. >> he's 36 or 38 positive, 48 negative. >> you're talking about very positive and negative. >> look at the washington journal poll. you have to look at it. higher positives than negatives. >> not in gallop. i'll go with gallop. >> he's a ken dahl. >> that's an attack. i like president obama. i don't like his policies. >> exactly. >> can i ask you something, were
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you saying the same thing about john kerry when he was a nominee, a rich guy who was boring and dull? >> he was a nice guy. >> so he was okay. >> sure. i'm in the business of trying to beat this punk. >> the truth, america. he likes him. >> anyway, coming up, senator diane feinstein calls out the white house over national security leaks. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. >> well that was a couple days ago but she's singing a different tune now. what did the white house say to her to walk back those comments. that's next.
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♪ >> wow. >> president obama spoke at the veterans of foreign wars
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convention. i wonder if he thinks because we're leading around the world people have a new attitude toward america. >> because we're leading around the world, peopling have a new attitude toward america. there's more confidence in our leadership. we see it everywhere we go. >> hurry ray because prior to obama it was different. you know, around the world some questioned whether the united states had the capacity to lead. >> around the world some questioned whether the united states still had the capacity to lead. >> and he's right. some questioned whether america could lead. but that some was him. let's face it, he said some because he couldn't say who. it wasn't anyone else but him. well also his party, the fawning media and after dope. that's when hope and change -- obama was going to make everyone like us.
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that never happened. america is less popular around the world than before perhaps do you to our killing of bin laden. we'll never be liked. rather than pretending so much has changed, obama might admit the greatest accomplishment under his administration is what also made us less popular and came in large part from those cruel policies that existed under evil, evil george bush. to steal a quote, you didn't build that on your own. >> nice. >> thank you very much. >> that might have been one of your better ones. >> because i looked at you during it. >> well, you did. >> does that imply there's not good ones? >> some can be bad. but on topic, should america care whether the world likes us? i think there's a great obama accomplishment that people hate us. >> we need to worry about this country.
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we need to worry about our economy and about our families and our children. it's not a popularity contest. go back to high school and count votes for senior prom king and queen. i'm for american exceptionalism. i'm not worried about it honestly. >> better to be feared. >> bob, better to be feared than liked? >> let me say one thing. i called romney a punk in the last segment and i got overheated but i take it back. i don't think he's a punk. i don't think he's good to be president of the united states, as a matter of fact he's terrible. >> that's not a good apology. >> is it better to be feared than liked? there's never been a situation in the last 15, 20 years where nato and ceto has not been stronger. osama bin laden is dead, a lot of work was done to get rid of
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the terrorists. mitt romney says i have a great idea for iran and said the same thing obama said. he's a first class suite on the queen elizabeth. i don't think this guy is prepared to be president of the united states on foreign policy or anything else and obama is. >> quickly. president obama the first thing he did after sworn in the first -- first foreign trip was to france where he called americans arrogant, dismissive and he shook hands with leftist dictators. >> are we selectively editing everything now? >> i don't think we're feared or liked right now. i don't. this country has saved basically europe and then rebuild europe and a lot of europeans didn't like us and might never like us. now you have a radical islamist who will never like us. trying to appease them is the wrong way to go.
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>> senator diane feinstein accused the white house of being behind the leaks. i want to run the part of obama saying it was offensive then what she said and what happened next. >> the notion that my white house would purposefully release classified national security information is ovens sieve. >> offensive. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. i don't know specifically where, but there -- i think they have to begin to understand that and do something about it. >> she says i stated i didn't believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have said that because i don't know the source of the leaks. when you have a democratic senator calling you out on a national security leak, boom. >> i thought it was significant.
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i know fine -- diane feinstein well. i have respect for her. she's on the highest ranking committees so privy to information. if she's saying it, she knows it's true but they made her do a hostage statement. >> cory booker. >> shame on you, so they took her in the back room and said fix this. >> if they know it's true, why not release the names of the people who did the leaks. there was enough news out there she probably speculated on it and she said she speculated. obama says that about the offensiveness of leaks weeks ago. >> the fact remains you don't have to be a democratic senator to know the "new york times" ran the peace calling out president obama saying, in interviews with the "new york times" three dozen current and former advisors
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described mr. obama's evolution -- >> it could have been the national department of defense or the state department. >> it contained specifics. >> that's ridiculous. >> when has he cared about the intelligence community? one of the first actions he took, the justice department took -- >> are you kidding me? >> bob, that's a fact. >> there's never been a stronger intelligence community than today because of president obama. that's why -- >> because you can read about it anywhere. >> the idea you say that is obscene. >> c.i.a. officials feared prosecution by their own government. i'm not buying this. >> torturing people? >> he ousted hosni mubarak. >> who? >> president obama. >> it wasn't the million people on the square. >> rules of engagement in afghanistan. >> can we make something clear,
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you are clear about blaming president bush for the first six to nine months in president obama's terms as far as jobs but you take credit from day one had in the intelligence committee -- >> the idea obama ousted mubarak is absolutely crazy. >> supported. >> did he or did he not support the ousting? did democrats not take to the airwaves and praise the ousting? >> he should have dumped him earlier. >> i'm not letting you win this one. >> you think it was his responsibility. >> i haven't heard in he democrat celebrating the muslim -- >> you think that had nothing to do with it? >> all right, kids, enough! this always happens when we get together. i'm not having dinner here anymore. groundbreaking stuff about a thing that's happening that you need to know about right now. for snacking objects, consult the nearest refrigerator.
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♪ >> welcome back "the five." according to a new study in the journal of social and personal relationships men are more likely to be attracted to female friends as opposed to women who have less desire to date male friends. i went to times square to get answers on can women and men be just friends. >> can member and women -- men and women be friends? >> i married my best friend. >> women can be friends with men
11:29 pm
but hard for men to be friends with women. >> we'll be the best of friends. >> i don't, when you look for a friend you look for qualities in yourself. >> have you ever wanted more from a girl as a friend and she didn't want more? >> in every relationship one person wants more than the other. >> every time i've had a friend they always become more than a friend. >> can men are friends with hot women? >> no. >> do you have hot female friends? >> yes. >> are you tracked to them? don't lie to me. you use your friends to meet other hot female friends. >> of course. why not. >> that's why you have female friends, to meet more females? >> yes. >> you're a general i couldn't say. >> genius. >> what in the woman is really hot. >> that would be a problem. >> believe it or not even after that heated segment, bob and i are still just friends. so this study -- you're shocked,
11:30 pm
gregg. it found that women find it ears to be friends and men want more. i found it depends on the woman. the woman controls the relationship or the friendship. men, if you give them a window, typically they want more. >> indeed. if i had married my best friend, i'd be living with a guy named mike who weighs 300 pounds and it wouldn't have been pretty. i would have been on top. >> ewe. >> on top of the world. on top of the world. i never have began as friends in a relationship but if you ask any of my exes, they said say we were friends first. no, men are attracted to women and they like to think it's platonic but the guy that's friend with you now is think being it all the time. >> that's the billy krystal line, there's no way men can be
11:31 pm
friends with a woman. do you have male platonic friends? >> of course. i have a lot of guy friends but i don't know what's in their innermost thoughts. >> i'll tell you. >> exactly. >> i can figure it out. >> something tells me that maybe the women of "the five" are your only female friends. >> that's true. i love both of you as friends. i think it's difficult for men with really good-looking women. friends with benefits has a certain advantage but i think -- >> that's different. let me ask you, can you be friends if you have had -- [ singing] . >> you know what i mean, hanky panky, can you stay friends? >> if you have a roll in the hay? >> yes. >> no, i've never seen anybody get away with that. unless it's just -- no. people -- once sex is involved.
11:32 pm
>> i love how bob is editing himself. >> eric? >> eric what? this is a in win for a guy -- this is a bad segment. look, i married my best friend. >> you married your best friend? >> i did. she's going to kill me after the show. hold your ears. she would never let me have a hot female friend. >> it's not scientific but every married guy i talked to in times square, they said i have friends and i said are they married? they said yes, i said are they attractive? and they said no, and myself wife would never let me have them. >> have you ever seen a guy with a really good-looking female friend for a long period of time that hasn't thought beyond the friendship area? >> no. it's impossible. that's how we're wired. another interesting fact, there's women who like gay male friends because they can have
11:33 pm
the guy without the sexual tension. it's like a win-win. >> that's fine. >> you're supposed to have sexual tension around you when you meet guys. >> what? >> i imagine -- these are dogs, they're sniffing all the time. >> one of the things the girls said in the interview, she said -- she asked me, isn't there a guy you're friends with that may be outside-of-your relationship that's cute? >> no, when women are attracted to the guy, we make the guy our boyfriends. >> i agree. that's what's going to happen. guys are visual and they get excitable. >> i got an idea. would you be my wing woman? we'll go to a bar and you sit at the bar and attract a good-looking woman. >> there's a term for that. >> it's bait. >> so i should help you lure in women. >> there's a phenomenon, younger people, my son's age, 13, 14 years old, there's a lot of
11:34 pm
boy-girl friends and it's more prevalent now than -- >> maybe they were just friends. >> oh, boy. >> they say they're just friends. >> we'll see about that. coming up, a brand-new interview with the neighbor of the colorado shooter suspect, james holmes. what he was doing the night of the shooting. that and new details about the suspect's notebook detailing the shooting next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash. [ russian accent ] 50% more rubles. eh, eh eh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus, it's the card for people who like more cash. [ italian accent ] 50% more dough!
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what's in your wallet?
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fox news obtained an interview with a neighbor of james holmes, the suspect accused in the colorado massacre, chris rodriguez lives directly blow holmes. >> we just heard techno music at
11:40 pm
midnight, it started playing real loud. it seemed like it was on repeat, same song over and over and over. and it went on for an hour. >> then what? >> after that, well, exactly at 1:00, it turned off, so from exactly midnight to 1:00 a.m., the music played and then shut off. >> so techno music. >> look at that guy and there's one really lucky guy because all it took was the neighbor from downstairs who could have opened the door and exploded the gasoline. that guy wouldn't be there. >> exactly. >> be thankful that didn't happen but the man's nuts. holmes is absolutely out of his mind but was he nuts at the time of the murder. >> one, was he insane legally at the time that he committed these
11:41 pm
acts. there was a lot of premeditation involved in terms of the facts with the planning. intense planning and preparation, purchasing everything. >> the notebook. >> prosecutors will use that to say he's evil. not insane, that he knew what he was doing, he was deliberate and highly intelligent. the defense will say he didn't understand the nature and quality of his acts at the time. >> when you talk about this stuff it's important because you are in the legal field and you know what you're talking about. i always feel from the media perspective it's not necessary to report on every little thing this scum has done because that's what this is about. it is about becoming immortal through acts of devastation. can't we freeze him and put him in a box and drop him in the ocean like in the blob? can't we do that and not talk about him anymore? >> it's hard. the producers would be ticked if
11:42 pm
we sat in silence. >> i didn't mean -- >> here's what i think is weird. "the new york post" reported today he's frequenting prostitutes before the attack and he posted that he felt sorry for one because business was slow so he met up with her. that's showing empathy. i'm not a shrink but he shows emple empathy. he's faking t he's more of a ted kaczynski, a professor at berkley, very smart. i think he wants notoriety and this is an act. >> he colored his hair and he was spitting at the guards, trying to pretend he's insane. >> can we see his mug picture again? can we bring that up? does that look like a sane man? >> hold on, what is that you're
11:43 pm
making? >> my point is anybody that dose those things and wires his house -- you're right about the kid downstairs, he's lucky he didn't open the door. my guess is if you go through the apartment -- they've probably gone through every residence and probably haven't found found anybody who knows him. anybody who does what he does is not sane. >> again that's not the standard. insanity is whether or not he knew what he was doing prior to doing it. >> at the time of the offense and then the second thing, they have to have a hearing as to competency and whether or not he's able to participate in his defense. otherwise it can get postponed until they medicate him and he's able to assist in his defense. >> by the way, it's not about -- you can have a split from your personality and still understand evil. he knew he was doing evil. >> a jury will decide that and we'll see what happens.
11:44 pm
lastly, a new development about a notebook sent to a university professor. we'll get details about that through the week. it specified the details of how he wanted to kill these people and how he was going to do it. when we get back, bob's got great viral videos. you don't want to miss them. >> bob's got a virus? us [ male announcer ] when she takes the starting block this summer, she's not just natalie coughlin. she's every 5-year-old who ever jumped in a pool and didn't want to get out. ♪ every coach, every rival who ever pushed her. she's the tip of a spear that goes all the way back to the beginning. it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. td ameritrade.
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proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team.
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i just want to say eric will be paid back for a few things in the show. a couple of videos, one funny, the other serious. this girl vido -- video ... [ laughter ] they're rolling down the highway. >> my goodness. >> there's a truck getting towed and it looks like it's coming at us. we'll see if we can scare her.
11:49 pm
wake up, there's a truck coming! [ laughter ] i'm sorry. it was funny. it was getting towed. >> yeah, now, what do you think that guy had that night? >> i think he was sleeping on the couch. >> i got to love this guy. but the internet ruins things because now that everybody has seen it it's never going to work again. >> you want to try it? >> he risked her grabbing the wheel. >> that wasn't fake. >> or having a heart attack. >> that too. that too. >> someone said is it real or is it set up. if you see his face, that devious -- that smile, that wasn't set up. >> i think he does stuff like this. >> my wife, geez. >> that seems like something you would do. >> my wife would be shocked because i don't have a driver's license. like if i was doing it -- >> did i tell you about the time
11:50 pm
i had a girlfriend that people showed up and said i was killed in a motorcycle accident? >> i hate practical jokes. >> i don't like being scared. that's why i don't like when you yell one more thing. >> that scares you? a newly released video from seaworld where a whale clamps down on a trainer. he ended up with cuts and broken foot. the killer whale and peters are still working at seaworld today. this was a scary thing. as a diver, this -- i mean -- >> you're a diver? >> what? >> wait a minute, when do you dive? >> i defense everywhere from the east river to outer banks. >> you defense in the east river? >> i did. >> what are you talking about? >> did you lose something?
11:51 pm
>> i used to dive for things that were lost and for bodies. >> really? >> for bodies? >> as a job? >> maybe we shouldn't go there. >> if you want to get into it -- >> can i make a point? it was called a killer whale for a reason. >> by the way, at the end of the video, it shows the trainer getting away. the sure panic on -- he literally jumps out of the pool with a broken foot and runs away. >> very scared. >> bob's gone diving with whales before -- but i know you would get upset for making a joke. >> then the other thing earlier during the break. >> the thing that amazing me, an animal in a zoo, a tiger attacks a trainer, they put it away. and this animal is still there. >> i find that a little bit odd. also odd that the guy's still there. i would look for another line of work. >> do you know how much that whale is worth to seaworld? tens of millions. >> have you ever tried to buy a
11:52 pm
whale? >> no. >> did you ever think about buying a whale? >> i totally made that number up. >> these whales are not safe. >> no, they're not. >> animals are unpredictable period. the monkey that ate the woman's face. >> as greg said, it is called killer whale for a reason. >> did you really dive? >> i have. >> dive? >> tap dance is brand-new. >> professional roller skater. >> no, no. >> next. >> i hate -- ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars?
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a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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time for hump day one more thing. greg, you're starting it off. >> hi, mom, are you watching tv? there you are. i'm calling you -- i'm calling to wish you happy birthday. yeah, you feel good? there you are! there you are! happy birthday. happy 88th. talk to you later, bye-bye. love you. >> aw, that's cute.
11:57 pm
happy birthday. >> she's the cutest. >> she's a monster. >> oh my god. aha! >> that explains a lot to me. >> yes, it does. we don't have time for a psychological segment. we have pictures of ladies in beach volleyball outfits. that's the uniform for volley ball but for the olympics they might have to wear full body suits. >> leaving red eye tonight with this story. this is an outraging. >> why would they do that? >> that's the whole point of women's volley ball. >> watch the ratings and see if they go back to bikinis. >> no kidding. it was reported today that by several independent newspapers in britain mitt romney's staff gave a backgrounder on foreign
11:58 pm
policy and said, among other things, president obama did not under the unique anglo saxon heritage of our country. for those of you who are german or italian or african descent, you might want to wonder and if i were mitt romney, i wouldn't make this mistake on the first day out. >> they denied that and said it wasn't made by -- >> i choose to read the newspapers. >> you had to do that. i walk over as i do every day to st. patrick's cathedral and i came across this. the farmers market. it's amazing. it's a great way to put money back into the economy. support local businesses and remember, these aren't peaches and plums shipped from california to your local area, they're grown here. >> those are apricots. >> this is everything. this is called a doughnut peach, so instead of a regular
11:59 pm
doughnut, you might eat that. >> because bob, you attacked the doughnuts on the tray. >> that's good, man. >> bowling, you're green and environmental and got him to think about something other than volley ball players. >> my parents are small business owners and they didn't need president obama's help to build their businesses like many of you. if you have a story of something you built, you can now go on this website, run by senator john core nine and share your screen about the business that you built. i'm going to pick my favorite one and highlight your story next week here on "the five." don't be afraid to tell us your story. >> did your family diners get pulled on a federal highway? >> i didn't see one federal bureaucrat jumping behind that


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